Chef Lisa

Chef Lisa Mueller



Executive Chef / Owner




Inspiration exists within all memories and experiences. Chef Lisa Mueller established co.unity with the objective to inspire feelings of warmth and comfort that arise from enjoying wholesome food with great company, whilst encouraging a sense of community. Growing up in a household where culinary experiences and a love for global fare was encouraged and celebrated, Lisa draws on these memories to curate her seasonal menu at co.unity.

An honours graduate of the Humber College Culinary program, Lisa travelled on a scholarship to London, England to work under Chef Anton Mosimann’s at his private dining club. Later on continuing to tour the globe and refine her craft across Europe, Japan and Dubai. Arriving back to her roots, Aurora, Ontario, she has since worked with the likes of Chef Lynn Crawford (Four Seasons Hotel), Chef Marc Thuet (Bistro Bakery Thuet) and Scott Woods (Lucien).

Well studied in a variety of cooking styles and cuisines, including Fine Dining French, Molecular, Japanese, Cuisine Naturelle, and Abruzzo, Lisa has developed her own cooking style as a result of her travels and culinary experiences. A resident of Aurora for over 25 years, Lisa values eating in season, seeking to work with local farmers and highlight Ontario based suppliers and business. Being able to bring the best of what local has to offer, influences the rotating seasonal menu the team at co.unity prepares. Chef Lisa Mueller is excited to share her culinary creations and welcome you to experience co.unity.